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Bulgarian Bairak Yoghurt Pot
Item # GFT-301
Price: $19.95

Bulgarian Bairak Lidded Yogurt Pot

Bairak Style: With the imagery of mountainous Bulgaria, Bairak is a decorative technique that was influenced by the Ottoman Empire's 500 year presence in Bulgaria. Originally the color was applied via a bull's horn! Feathers would be employed to further enhance the design.

Yogurt Pot comes with recipe to make your own yogurt!

The Peace Company is honored to offer traditional Bulgarian pottery from a company created as to assist Bulgarians after the Soviet Union collapsed. Made in the ceramic capital of Troyan, these ceramics are hand-formed by men while the decorative work is patiently applied by the tender loving touches of women; it’s magical imagery has been compared to peacocks and butterflies.

Considered a sacred art, Bulgarian potters have carefully protected their unique secrets within each family of artisans. And though born of ancient lineage, Bulgarian pottery easily integrates in the most contemporary of homes.

Bulgaria is a hidden jewel that has been hidden away for decades. The marriage of ancient cultures such as Thrace and the Ottoman Empire, have resulted in the creation of this mysterious and vital nation. Bulgarians draw their roots deep from the ancient gods. From the lineage of Dionysus, God of Merriment, they inherited an appreciation for a life filled with revelry; everywhere you turn, there is celebratory music, dancing, food and wine! And their glorious handmade pottery expresses this joy of living.

GFT-301 Bairak Lidded Yogurt Pot……….$19.95

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