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Tree of Life Wall Art

Item #: GFT-122
Price: $79.99


Tree of Life Wall Art
from Haiti

These intricate wall pieces are made from recycled oil drums in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti. This piece is made by Carlos Brutus, one of the metal artisans. It is 24" in diameter. Each piece is in this design.

About the Artisans:

Eugene Jacques and Carlo Brutus in Croix des Bouquet, are from an area of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti known for artisans who make oil drum art. The constant hammering from the sheds in the area led us to beautiful metalwork, with each stop offering new designs. Carlo makes unique round “Tree of Life” art. He led us to Eugene’s shed which yielded unique three-dimensional masks with cogs and bicycle chains for earrings. These are just two of the thousands of independent Haitian metal artists striving to make a sustainable living by exporting their pieces from a country where political strife and lack of tourism has eliminated most sales outlets.

????app Prior to the 2010 earthquake, Carlo and others relied on other established producer groups to perform activities necessary to export including banking and shipping. Just 4 weeks after the earthquake, Carlo had set up a bank account and established a relationship with a shipping agent, began taking orders and shipping the products to the US, enabling us to place and pay for orders and together play a small part in rebuilding the rich handicraft sector in Haiti.

Item #: GFT-122
Price: $79.99


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